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Stem Cells : A Shelter for TB

90% of TB infections are cleared by the body’s immune defenses or by taking anti-TB medication. In the remaining 10% of cases, TB persists as a dormant, non-replicating infection. Although latent TB infections don’t cause symptoms, they can activate after years of activity. An calculable one-third of the world population has latent TB, that accounts for 1.7 million deaths per year—more than any other bacterial pathogen on the earth.

During the first stages of the illness, active TB bacterium replicate within human macrophages and nerve fibre cells. however there’s no proof these cells harbor dormant TB, and the location of the latent reservoir has remained a mystery.

Clinical Microbiology

Finally, the investigators came to an endemic TB region—Arunachal Pradesh, India—to collect human bone marrow from 9 patients World Health Organization had contracted TB, however had been successfully treated with “DOTS”—a World Health Organization -endorsed, multistep medical care. CD271-positive BM-MSCs has been isolated by researchers with magnetic sorting, and found that these cells were positive for TB deoxyribonucleic acid in eight out of the nine patients. Furthermore, 2 of the TB-positive bone marrow samples yielded viable bacterium.

While previous studies have detected TB deoxyribonucleic acid in different cell varieties, including epithelial/endothelial, fibrocytes, adipocytes, this can be the primary demonstration of viable TB being isolated from patients with latent infection.

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