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New drug targets antibiotic resistant  bacteria’ found in UTIs

Researchers have developed a new active compound to fight against viable drug resistant bacteria to cure life-threatening urinary tract infections.

Drug-resistant Urinary tract infections are a major problem, the result  from recent Public Health England analysis shows most of the bacteria causing UTI infection where resistant to  trimethoprim a commercially used antibiotic to fight against the UTI.

Plazomicin is the new antibiotic which can be used as an alternative to  treat the most complex UTIs has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


The drug plays a vital role in active against UTI infection, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (US) allows the use of this drug and named as – carbapenem- Resistant  Enterobacteriaceae.

In US hospitals, An estimated three million cases of complicated UTIs are treated in every year, with Enterobacteriaceae is the most common bacteria behind them. Resistance in these bacteria is a global concern.

Plazomicin is not a new class of antibiotic but it has been developed to treat infections caused by drug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and WHO named it as superbug.

Dr Tim Jinks said, “Plazomicin’s development is part of our wider, ongoing programme to address this urgent global health problem is a welcome message for the Governments and industry to progress long-term solutions to fix the precariously weak antibiotic pipeline,”

“World Congress on Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases”
Place and venue: Nov 01-02, 2018, in London, UK


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