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Healthy food and Physical activity helps to reduce Heart Misery

Current research reference says that healthy food lifestyle is composed of Dietary fibres and proteins which is very much high in Green vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and whole grains. However, there are many food researchers are in the state of confusion for considering dairy, added sugars, coffee etc as healthy diet!


Consumption of saturated fat and added sugar leads to heart disease!

Several research works shown that connection between diary intake and LDL cholesterol. LDL is Bad cholesterol which will be increased by saturated fat. Among experts, there is no clear common consent on diary intake, but after many analyses they found that dairy should be consumed with limit.

The utilization of added sugar leads to cardiovascular problems, stroke and coronary heart issues. The fact-finding person strongly put forward that everyone should eliminate added sugars from their diet which mainly present in processed foods and sweetened beverages.

Theses problems can be reduced by taking nutrition rich foods like legumes, plant-based proteins, omega3 and mushrooms.

Present NHS guidelines says that children aged 5 to18 should do compulsory 60 minutes physical activity every day to improve their healthy future.

Apart from food, physical activity is a main key factor to improvise your healthy life style and a reducing factor of all diseases.

Join at Nutrition Health 2018 to know more on Nutrition and Fitness

Details of the Conference: (For your information)
16th International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness
October 29-30, 2018
London, UK.

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