Bio-Medicine Conference

Explore about the major Three Emerging Biomedical Engineering Trends

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an important part of healthcare and its applications are commanding throughout this field. Chat-bots can make better the quality of care for patients living in remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. Google’s Deep Mind project is using both biomedicine and informatics to analyze data related to kidney disease patients. IBM Watson Platform for Health can read and understand unstructured data, which is a critical attribute because 80 percent of healthcare data is unstructured. It can recognize, categorize and code medical and social theories.

  1. Robotics

Human error and fatigue can create costly mistakes that present fatal dangers. In surgery, where precision is vital, robots can help. An exemplary robotic surgical system, da Vinci, is controlled by a human surgeon but utilizes robotic mechanics to make tiny precise movements inside the body. An endoscopic robot at the tip of a probe can remove a polyp during a colonoscopy. Mechatronic tools help surgeons manipulate robots in extremely narrow spaces. other surgical robots concentrate on touch, also referred to as haptics. Enhanced haptic perception and feedback lets surgeons virtually squeeze tissue to sense how deep to make incisions.

  1. Brain Research

The brain remains one of the most mysterious parts of the human body. Research in this area is far-reaching and diverse. Researchers are working on methods of restoring brain function after brain disease using different forms of stimulation, while others are working on the neural technology to power prosthetics.NeuroPace RNS System is a medical device that detects brain activity to normalize brainwaves before the onset of a seizure. Another exciting biomedical engineering development in neural technology is a vision-restoration prosthesis that can restore sight to someone who is blind.

Innovative technologies in science and medicine

To know more visit:

International Conference on Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
Frankfurt, Germany

Date: September 20-22, 2018



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