Robotics has always been a remarkable field. The combination of health care and medicine, as well as robotics, has always led to the fruitful outcome.

One such example presented here is Robot for Spine Surgery. A new Globus Excelsius GPS Spine surgery Robot has been introduced with the efforts of Louisiana Orthopedic Specialists and Park Place Surgical Hospital together.


This technology inculcates the image taken while surgery which helps doctors to determine the position, size, and placement of implant accuracy. This is utilized to direct the automated arm to a particular position of the spine and have pinpoint precision in putting the inserts.  Currently, this robot is used in Louisiana- Park Place Surgical Hospital.

The specially designed robot has many advantages in choosing minimally invasive surgery, which comprises minimized scarring, smaller incisions, damage to the tissue is less and even shorter hospital stays.

Patients who have huge back pain, nerve torment, sciatica or deadness in their lower furthest points and haven’t had accomplishment with non-operative treatment, have alternatives. It is really pleasing and proud moment for the contributors to utilize the Globus and give world-class, progressive care.

Join at Spine 2018 to share learn and explore more related to the aspects of spine and Spinal Disorders.

Spine 2018 -International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders
August 30-31, 2018
London, UK.
Visit website: http://spine.alliedacademies.com/ 


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