Myths and Truth about Dentist and a Prosthodontics


It seems like dentistry and prosthodontics are interchangeable, but the truth is dentist earn his degree within 4 years, whereas Prosthodontists are specialists recognized by American Dental Association who have trained for at least two more years beyond dental school to become the architects of dental reconstruction.

A dentist can also do crowns, implants, veneers and false teeth as they are licensed and learned during the time of practice with different cases. Whereas, the prosthodontists take care of extreme cases before receiving their certificate. A prosthodontist focuses much on the complexity of the treatment.

Prosthodontists are perfectionists when coming to implant or any complex cases they would spend hours and hours in one tooth rather than completing the case. A prosthodontist is concerned about the shape the color and brightness of the teeth.

Due to market pressure and competition, the fees for the Prosthodontist are slightly higher than that of the general dentist. Considering the added education and higher quality laboratory the patients agree that the fees are a bargain in long run.

The dental implant treatment is wildly expensive, as the price reflects the complexity and choice of material. While prosthodontists wanting to deliver only the best results, they will work with you to discover a dental solution that meets your needs.

35th European Dental Congress
Dental 2018
October22-24,2018|Frankfurt, Germany


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