Importance Of Chemistry In Health And Medicine


Medicine requires a good understanding of chemistry and chemical properties to discover what solutions will be needed to treat the illness. We do not only use medicine to bring us back to full health, a good understanding of chemistry leads to the development of other things to give us good nutrition, which also helps avoid disease. 

With our understanding of chemistry we get to know what chemicals are best for growth:

  • Calcium is necessary for the growth and increased strength of bones
  • Protein, which is made up of amino acids, is necessary for the growth and repair of muscles. This is how we know that milk is good for our growth, and protein (fish, meat, eggs) is good for the repair of muscles. This allows us to develop other things like ‘protein shakes’.

For any of these medicines to be created, the chemistry behind the solution must be fully understood. This is because some chemicals can be harmful to us or some could be better than others and so pharmacists would need to create a safe, effective drug to medicate the ill and bring them back to full health.
So overall, chemistry could actually be seen as the absolute basis of health and medicine.

Chemists want to understand how biology and medicine work so they can manipulate it. Inventing environmentally friendly approaches that make reactions more efficient and produce minimal toxic byproducts is an important goal of modern chemistry. Harnessing biology’s magic through chemistry underlies the field of biotechnology—the use of biological systems or living organisms to make useful products and processes. Biotechnology has applications in a wide range of areas that benefit the United States and the world.

For More Detials: http://chemistry.alliedacademies.com/


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