Good manufacturing practices can be defined as the operational requirements significant to ensure a food business to produce food safely.

GMP is the abbreviation of good manufacturing practices and is an integral part of the overall HACCP food safety system in a food business. Good manufacturing practices can be defined as the operational requirements significant to ensure a food business to produce food safely. There is a heavy emphasis on compliance with Good manufacturing practices (GMP) in all relevant food legislation and customer certification standards.

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are important st to produce safe food. The food business has a legal and moral responsibility to produce and prepare food that will not harm the consumer. There can be a high cost to the food business if it does not implement adequate Good manufacturing practices (GMP). In the food businesses GMP procedures, all staffs should be well- trained.


Good manufacturing practices (GMP) includes many basic operational conditions and procedures that are required to be met by the food business. These can include the following:

  • The correct construction and layout of the food premises.
  • The condition of the external environment of the food premises.
  • The adequate maintenance of equipment and utensils used within the food business.
  • The use of suitable chemicals within and around the food premises including cleaning chemicals, pest control chemicals, and machine lubricants.
  • The identification and storage of waste within and by the food business.
  • The cleanliness of the food premises, equipment, utensils, floors, walls and ceilings.
  • An effective pest control program implemented within the food premises and surrounds.
  • The avoidance of foreign matter within the finished product. Sources of foreign matter can include wood, glass, metal, plastic, pests, paper, string, tape.

To assist in the effective implementation of Good manufacturing practices (GMP) within the food business it is advisable to document procedures on how the food business is going to implement relevant Good manufacturing practices (GMP). Equally important is to maintain records to support that any Good manufacturing practices (GMP) have been implemented.

International Conference on Food Safety and Hygiene 2018
Edinburgh, Scotland
September 06-08, 2018


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