Design of 3D Bioprinted Scaffolds for Cartilage Regeneration


Cartilage is a dense connective tissue with limited self-repair properties. Currently, the therapeutic use of autologous or allogenic chondrocytes makes up an alternative therapy to the pharmacological treatment.

The design of a bio-printed 3D cartilage with chondrocytes and biodegradable biomaterials offer a new therapeutic alternative able of bridging the limitations of current therapies in the field. We have developed an enhanced printing processes-Injection Volume Filling (IVF) to increase the viability and survival of the cells when working with high-temperature thermoplastics without the limitation of the scaffold geometry in contact with cells.


We have demonstrated the viability of the printing process using chondrocytes for cartilage regeneration. An alginate-based hydrogel combined with human chondrocytes (isolated from osteoarthritis patients) was formulated as bio-ink-A and the polylactic acid as bio-ink-B. The bioprinting process was carried out with the REGEMAT V1 bioprinter (Regemat 3D, Granada-Spain) through an IVF. The printing capacity of the bioprinting plus the viability and cell proliferation of bio-printed chondrocytes was evaluated after five weeks by confocal microscopy and Alamar Blue Assay (Biorad).

Results showed that the IVF process does not decrease the cell viability of the chondrocytes during the printing process as the cells do not have contact with the thermoplastic at elevated temperatures. The viability and cellular proliferation of the bio-printed artificial 3D cartilage increased after 5 weeks.

In conclusion, this study demonstrates the potential use of Regemat V1 for 3D bioprinting of cartilage and the viability of bio-printed chondrocytes in the scaffolds for application in regenerative medicine.

Author: Gloria Pinilla García, Regemat 3D, Spain

International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine
Date & venue: June 14-15, 2018 | London, UK
Website: https://goo.gl/eLcFyZ



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