Stem cells in treating Heart Diseases

Stem cells are a group of unspecialized cells in the body which is capable of self-differentiating. These Stem cells are pluripotent. They are capable of developing into any desired tissue.


Stem cells are usually obtained from Umbilical cord blood as soon as the child is born. But stem cells can also be obtained from the blood and adipose tissue as well.

Advancements in science also partially prove the presence of stem cells in all the tissues. The stem cells in other tissues are specific cells among the other specialized cells which are capable of limited cell division. Hence it is suspected to help in the regeneration of tissues.

Recent studies conducted in implementing the stem cells in cardiac treatment showed reasonably a good result. It was done primely for cardiac diseases because globally the percentage of people affected with cardiac diseases had notably increased.

Researchers proved that when stem cells were implemented in treating cardiac diseases, they regenerated the heart tissue and hence there was an increase in the efficiency of pumping in the cardiac muscle.

Also, another study in Japan proved the efficiency of stem cells in autologous somatic tissues by placing a patch of skin on the damaged part of the heart taken from the tighs of the same person. This also showed the considerable positive result in cardiac treatment.

Thus rather than placing a Pacemaker which helps in the contraction of heart muscles or an

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator, which sets rights to the rhythm of the heart, Stemcells are found to be an ideal one and it is also stated that there is no profound immune response noticed. Thus Stem cell has emerged as a unique field but connected to every single organ of the body.

To know more: https://goo.gl/rNr322



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