Tooth Decay – How does it happen

 Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases people suffer from. Morden Dentistry has always fought against cavities. Many research and new approaches are coming up to stop tooth decay diseases.

The previous method of drilling the cavity and filling does not treat decay but does pave way for future damages in teeth, but the Morden dentistry method proves to be successful.

The human mouth is an ecosystem where are composed of an outer covering of enamel, highly mineralized crystalline structure composed mainly of calcium and phosphate., are also bathed by a fluid called saliva. The acidity of mouth is measured in pH scale, ranging from 1 -14. a PH value of 1 is extremely acidic whereas pH of 14 is extremely basic. The pH of the mouth is mostly 7-neutral.

The acid producing bacteria attach themselves to dental plaque, the white sticky biofilm collects and forms on teeth. When we eat sugar, carbohydrates, these particular bacteria break down the sugar and produces acid which demineralizes the upper surface of the teeth. During this process, more calcium and phosphate tend to leave the surface -the first step of tooth decay.

Picture10And then it reaches the root which is supposed to be delicate than enamel and the roots are so soft that after the demineralization of enamel the weakest acid will also be able to destroy.

This is why we are always advised by the dentists to brush our teeth twice a day.

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Oct 22-24, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany
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