12 Common Myths about Diabetes

Diabetes is known to all, particularly those who are not affected by it. All your family members, friends, relatives and even strangers think that they all know about diabetes and they give advice, what to do what not to do and many more things.

There are numerous myths regarding diabetes. These are no longer true but have been believed by the people for several years.

These are the 12 common myths people supposed to believe in it.

1: People with diabetes can’t eat sugar.

Diabetes affected person can take sugar. Every cell in the body lives on glucose. It’s the energy source of life, and the body converts all food to glucose for fuel. as it is the fuel for the cell. How much sugar can people with diabetes eat? It totally depends on the person’s medications. But sugar is not banned from modern diabetes meal planning.

2: Obesity causes diabetes.

Excessive weight can serve as a trigger for diabetes but there’s a lot more to diabetes than weight alone. Diabetes lies deep in the genes, to develop diabetes one must be genetically predisposed. If you are predisposed, keeping trim and eating a healthy diet delays does not prevent diabetes.

3: Insulin causes blindness.

Insulin is a safe drug and It is a lifesaver too. It has fewer side effects than any other diabetes drugs. It has no drug interactions with other medications. And it is nearly universally reviled and misunderstood.

4: Insulin causes weight gain.

The weight gain is completely a myth. Only because many people gain weight after starting insulin therapy does not prove the insulin causes weight gain. When blood sugar is elevated, glucose is excreted in the urine, eliminating some of the calories consumed. Once insulin treatment is begun, those calories stay in the body, and if the patient consumes more calories than he or she burns, he or she will gain weight naturally.

5: Insulin shots hurt.

Some of the insulin shots hurt, including several common vaccines. But insulin shots are now different from before. Modern needles are thin and short, with beveled tips that are coated with lubricants and it does not hurt so much.

 6: It’s not safe for people with diabetes to exercise.

Physical exercise keeps one to become fit. There is no doubt that this myth was originated from the fact that a risk of low blood sugar is associated with the increased physical activity. But if someone taking insulin will be much more active than usual. Activity merely needs to be balanced with medicine and carbohydrate intake to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as it is necessary for the body.

7: People with diabetes are moody.

Depression is very often observed in people with diabetes mellitus. And as among the general population, and blood sugar swings can affect mood in the short run. But depression is a treatable illness, and there is no doubt that good diabetes control contains mood swings.

8: People with diabetes have limited employment options.

Diabetes is not a disability. People with diabetes can work in different public and private sectors. There are some astronauts who have diabetes. A diabetic person is in every field and hence the myth that people with diabetes have limited employment opportunity is wrong.

9: Women with Type 1 diabetes cannot safely have children.

It has been shown in movies like Steel Magnolias that women with Type 1 diabetes cannot safely have children keep this myth alive. A high-risk pregnancy should be managed by a team of health-care experts, thousands of women with diabetes safely deliver healthy babies every year across the world.

10: People with diabetes have sexual dysfunction.

There is a basic difference between diabetes and diabetes control. Having diabetes is the leading cause of nothing. But poorly controlled diabetes and high blood sugar can give you an experience of erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, or reduced libido.

11: People with diabetes can’t get tattoos.

It totally depends upon your A1C level. If your A1C is under 7.5 then it is best for tattoos. But if the A1C is greater than 9.0 then it can be very risky to get tattoos because it might not heal properly. It is totally a myth that people with diabetes can’t get tattoos.

12: I don’t need to test my blood sugar, because I can tell when it’s high.

This type of myths comes from the several diabetes communities. No one can accurately guess what his or her blood sugar level is by feel. One should rely on the A1C test for the proper blood sugar count.

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