Is Algae the Biofuel of the Future?


Vast quantities of medicines and renewable fuels might be produced by algae employing a new gene-editing technique, a study suggests.

Scientists have devised a way that might cause low-cost, environmentally friendly ways in which of making products for use in the cosmetics, plastics and food industries.

Algae are extremely prized for their ability to form a helpful product; however, a lack of engineering tools has hindered basic analysis and growth of the industry for many years, researchers say.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh sought to improve the potency of gene-editing to extend yields of product presently created using alga, including some food supplements. The advance may additionally modify algae to form a new product, like medicines.

CRISPR molecules which allow researchers to add new genes or modify existing ones were used here. The team developed its technique to work in a widely used species of algae — known as Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. the method may probably even be used to engineer crops to increase yields, improve disease resistance or enable plants to thrive in harsh climates.

This research is the key advance in large-scale algal genome engineering that applicable to a wide range of species and could pave the way for the development of designer algae, which has many biotechnology applications. More info: tr.im/biotechnology

Learn more like this at “2nd World Congress on Biotechnology” which is going to be held during October 25 – 27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany.




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