11 Things which can turn your Diabetic life in to a Normal Life

There are 425 Million people usually depends on the source of exogenous insulin. And a lot of numerous side effects comes free with the Exogeneous Insulin. Cancer and several diseases can be developed by the individual as they are taking exogenous insulin.

The fact is the ancient people also lead their diabetic life very smoothly. They neither depends on the exogenous sources of the insulin nor they have taken any synthetic molecules to maintain their blood sugar levels.

So, the question is how they were able to manage their blood sugar level so efficiently?

Here are 11 interesting Healthy practice or Healthy food which can be used to maintain your Diabetic Life. You also can lead a normal life if you could follow these 11 Healthy Tactics.

  1. Fenugreek

Home remedy is one of the best options for diabetes patient. Fenugreek seeds are full of several organic compounds which can stimulate the pancreas, into increasing its insulin output, thereby reducing the dangerous activities of glucose in the bloodstream of a diabetes patient. Soak fenugreek seeds in some water helps the diabetes patients. Consumption of the fenugreek-soaked water, as well as the seeds, reduce the blood glucose level by stimulating insulin. Fenugreek seeds are also rich in fiber, which slows down the metabolism of starch into glucose, thereby helping diabetes affected patients.

  1. Jamun

Every part of Jamun plant has some sort of anti-diabetic effect. Jamun fruit which is soaked into boiling water for several hours can be helpful for diabetes patients. The patient can also make a mash of it and have the mash at the different time of a day. Jamun which is one of the most powerful home remedies used for diabetes patients contains glycosides and alkaloids that control blood sugar levels. The anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and tannins are also considered to be the powerful compound for diabetes treatments.

  1. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil mix with some cottage cheese and milk can reduce the blood sugar level of diabetic patients. This is a very good home remedy for diabetes affected people. Regular consumption of the blend of a fine mixture and eat the mixture with fruits can be helpful for patients.

  1. Canola Oil

Several Studies have confirmed that the canola oil which is enriched in the low-GL diet may help improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes affected patients.

  1. Grapes

Grapes have a very good impact on diabetes management. Studies have suggested that grape skin extract (GSE) exerts, which plays a novel inhibitory activity on hyperglycemia and may help in diabetes management.

  1. Exercise

Diabetes affected people must need an exercise on a regular basis. Half an hour for exercise every day is considered as good for human body. Joining a gym is another good option since it helps to maintain the regularity and motivation towards the gym. Exercise helps an individual to eliminate obesity and lowers blood sugar levels significantly. Therefore, it reduces the chances of developing diabetes.

  1. Exercising During Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes is a huge problem to the world. Researchers have shown that exercising during pregnancy can help to control gestational diabetes and curb post-natal onset of Type 2 diabetes patients.

  1. Sleep

Stress and Anxiety are the two important causes of diabetes. A Diabetes patient should have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. This will keep them fit and fresh away from stress and anxiety.

  1. Plant-Based foods

Plants are full of anti-oxidants. Recent studies have confirmed that plant-based foods contain polyphenols, which helps to improve blood sugar levels in the people and reduces the of diabetes and heart diseases.

  1. High Energy Breakfast

High-energy breakfast and low energy dinner plans help in reducing hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes patients.




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