Microorganisms classification:

Microorganisms comprise prokaryotes and some eukaryotic organisms, which includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and algae. Food is something taken into the body, serves to nourish or build up the tissues, or to produce body heat: essentially, an ailment or nutrient. This meaning of food encompasses all things that are consumed by man and other animals. Water, beverages, and all edible solid material are food. Food sources are plankton, seaweed, fish, crustacea, mushrooms, molluscs, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, edible algae and fungi, as well as grains. Microorganisms will  be in contact with Food which are stored, processing machines in industries, warehouses, holdings in brewery, restaurants and hotels and public dining places at one stage or another. A group of microorganisms are in food can be exploited and used as food. Some contaminated food and food products, and food spoilage or toxins in foods leading to foodborne sickness in man and animals. Some microorganisms have the capability to transform a food’s characteristic in a beneficial way like food fermentation processes. Microorganisms have the capability to survive and grow at different temperatures at which food is either maintained or processed. They exist from the coldest of salt ponds in the frozen wasters of the polar regions to the boiling water of hot springs. Bacteria which are growing actively can occur at temperatures over 100°C in thermal volcanic vents at the bottom of the oceans, in mines acid wastes or in soda lakes alkaline waters.  Which states that, irrespective of the environment, microorganisms could find a way for adaption, survival, and multiplying at different temperatures, and they exist in a similar manner on food.

To know more: https://goo.gl/vjDa2D


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