How does the Hearing Aids help the deaf people?


The hearing aids are small amplifying devices used by the partially deaf individuals. The hearing aids work by receiving the sound signals through a tiny microphone, which converts the sound signal to an electrical signal. This signal is sent into an amplifier, which filters the noise and makes the sound louder and thus helping you to hear.


The most common types of hearing aids include,

  1. Behind-the-Ear(BTE): This type of hearing aids have a small case that fits behind the ear. BTE is a common hearing aid for the children because it can be easily fit into many ear shapes and can be replaced as the child grows.
  2. Mini BTE: The mini BTE are new hearing aid style which works in a similar way to BTE hearing aids but comparatively small in size and are more comfortable.
  3. In-the-Ear(ITE): This type of hearing aid fills a part of the ear canal and entire bowl of the ear.
  4. Completely in the Canal(CIC): This hearing aid is fit completely or partially into the ear canal. Most of the people prefer this type for cosmetic reasons.

In addition to the types of hearing aids, there are many features and technologies that can be used to better customize your hearing aid to your needs and preferences. Coming to the cost it will vary depending on the type and features you choose.


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