10 Home made medicine for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a serious disease for the developed countries. There are millions of people taking exogenous insulin daily.

But there is some natural method which can be used for increasing the production of the insulin. These are very much available to us.

Here is the 10-homemade medicine which can be taken for high blood glucose levels patients..


  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar plays an important role in controlling the blood sugar levels in the blood. It also controls the blood glucose level which rises noticeably right after you finish a daily meal. It also helps you to lose weight, which is important because considering obesity is one of the main drivers of diabetes. A pinch of salt with two full spoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water keeps you healthy.

  1. Take Cinnamon daily

Type 2 diabetes patient can be benefited considerably from cinnamon. It boosts the insulin production process in the pancreas which lowers the blood sugar level in the blood. Cinnamon can be taken in several ways. Tea or other drinks or directly take it as a powder for at least 40 days to Observe optimal results.

  1. Water for Life

Water helps our body to mobilize the fluids throughout the body and moves the excess sugar through your system. It can be taken in by the organs and cells to be used as a source of energy. Water also keeps the other foreign bodies in your body moving out and being flushed, which also includes excess sugars via urination and body can maintain optimum blood glucose level.

  1. Sunlight means energy

Sun is the source of all energy and sunlight is the source of vitamin D. It also plays a great remedy for diabetes patients. By rejuvenating this essential vitamin, sunlight can help to improve the production of insulin. A proper supply of insulin can help those suffering from both types of diabetes.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Phytosterols which found in Aloe Vera gel is a very powerful component in battling diabetes. Studies have confirmed that phytosterols to have anti-hyperglycaemic effects which can seriously benefit people suffering from diabetes. Home remedies with aloe vera, turmeric and bay leaves can be used for high blood glucose levels patients.

  1. Mango Leaves for diabetes

Mango leaves can be used for Diabetes patients. Boil the mango leaves with water and the daily consumption of the mixture can be effective for reducing the blood glucose level. Grinding the leaves and make them into powder can be a useful method for consuming the mango leaves.

  1. Curry Leaves and glucose level

Curry leaves can also use for the diabetic patients. There is some organic compound which helps the breakdown of starches into simple sugars like glucose. Curry leaves can also be used reduce cholesterol levels and obesity. Hence, we can say that Curry leaves can be used as preventative medicines, as well as treatments for diabetes.

  1. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is useful for reducing and stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Diabetes affected patients should take at least a teaspoon of crushed alfalfa seeds with or before their meals. Which can stabilize the blood glucose level?

  1. Maintain Low Salt Diet

High-salt diet increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in diabetes patients. A recent study has confirmed that low intake of salt reduces the risk of high blood pressure, so it is advisable to intake a low salt diet for diabetes affected patients.

  1. Have Bitter Gourd daily

Bitter melon which is generally known as Bitter Gourd reduces glucose levels effectively. It also helps the diabetes patient by stimulating the pancreas to release insulin, thereby counteracting the effects of excess glucose in the body. Consumption of bitter gourd juice and water on an empty stomach every morning can be effective for the diabetes patient.




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