In order for water treatment and desalination operations to run efficiently and to stop fouling and scaling a variety of chemicals are used.

There are two groups of substances that deals with desalination.

The first group, known as ‘online’ chemicals, includes chlorination and de-chlorination agents, coagulants, flocculants, and biocides.

On the other hand, a large number of stronger chemicals that can be used for dissolving the fouling that attaches to filtration membranes during operation constitutes the second group, often called ‘offline’ chemicals.

This technology is mainly being used in Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe, the US, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Most of the thermal desalination production is used in drinking water and very less amount for industrial applications.

The overall global consumption of water treatment chemicals is growing steadily to a net worth up to $ 12.4 billion. In the desalination and water treatment business, a wide range of chemicals are used extensively.

Membrane desalination also has a very large presence in the US, along with Saudi Arabia. The membrane market is growing annually with Seawater Reverse Osmosis growing the fastest.


One of the main challenges currently facing the sector is that feed water sources are changing. This is coupled with the fact that water sources are under scrutiny and environmental legislation is driving projects to save and recover a greater percentage of water. As a result, operators are having to run membrane systems on poorer quality feed water at higher recovery rates. Water reuse is also becoming more common. This involves reuse of wastewater, which is often high in organics, biofilm potential, and other possible membrane foulants, and again causes issues for the membrane operator.

Water scarcity is a major challenge facing operators in the sector – and highlights the fact that customers are becoming more global and looking for solutions that can be “deployed consistently around the world.

8th World Congress on Chemistry and Organic Chemistry | Oct 22-24, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany | http://chemistry.alliedacademies.com



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