The Chemistry of almost everything

The subject that makes you identify whats toxic and what is not.

The environment in itself is made up of chemicals. Many things that we observe in the world are made of chemical effects.

Chemistry helps the living body to identify the disease, and through biochemical reactions, we can understand the changes going through our body.

The universe is made up of matter and matter is made up of elements molecules and compounds, even all the living things made up of compounds, the major compound is water in living organisms, considering all of this I believe chemistry is the father of all sciences. I understand that if the field of chemistry is growing all the other field of sciences will be growing.

One field that brings revolutionary changes in the field of Chemistry is Organics.

Currently, green chemistry also overcome the hazards of all branches of chemistry simply the whole progress in this world dependent in the field of chemistry so that is why chemistry is important.

For the survival of human life, or any form of life chemistry is important. The life starts and ends with chemistry. Everywhere you carry or calculate life with the elements existing in periodic table including your body organs to your diseases and their cure.

Human life became more civilized since the introduction of Chemistry. Like other sciences, chemistry supports the good life. Chemistry takes a big role in our life. We cannot live without chemistry, everything that we can touch, smell, feel is made up of chemistry. As humans even we are made up of chemistry because we are composed of atoms.

The essence and importance of chemistry are hidden in the quintessence that it is not only the central science but also the mother of sciences and it is the mother which matters the most in every aspect and all respects. Chemistry aids in the improvement of healthcare, the conservation of natural resources, and the protection of the environment. Chemistry is truly a fundamental force.

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