Conference on Food Safety and Hygiene slated on September 06-08, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We take immense pleasure and honour to welcome all the participants across the world to attend the esteemed Conference on Food Safety and Hygiene slated on September 06-08, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Food safety and Hygiene is the condition maintained in preparation, production, and storage of food products to ensure the sterility ad consumpability of the food and keeping it free from any sort of contamination or adulteration to avoid food-borne diseasesMaintenance of food safety and hygiene has become one of the most prime topics of awareness in today’s market. It is an essential parameter which needs to be maintained in the food production industries and businesses. The Global Food Safety is a major initiative which must be taken care of straight away. There should be safe, healthy and wholesome food for everyone.

The Conference is scheduled to be a two-day interactive event where participants will be indulged to learn, discuss and share their knowledge through various activities such as poster presentations, speeches, talk sessions, and workshops.

The Conference on Food Safety and Hygiene aim to provide a platform where renowned personalities from a wide range of professional background can collaborate and bring out innovations and latest developments in the field of Food Safety and Hygiene.

Reasons to attend:

-Meet eminent experts and personalities working in the field of Food Safety

-Enhance your knowledge

-Share your innovative ideas

-Worldwide Networking and Career Opportunities

For More Details: https://goo.gl/WLTkFH


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