Medical Microbiology – An Overview

Microbiology is the study of microorganism that are unicellular and microscopic as these organisms include bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. Medical Microbiology is a branch in microbiology that deals with the microorganisms which are cause for the infection, prevention, treatment and improvement of the health. In recent days there are new inventions been made for the study and development of the field Medical Microbiology.

As the diseases increase the importance and the value of medical microbiology also increases as it includes virology, bacteriology, fungal infections. Generally, this deals with the collection and transportation of the specimen that are used as identification of disease. It is generally based on the study of microbial pathogenesis called as pathology.

Transmissible diseases are caused by these pathogenic organisms either from a person to person or from other sources like insects or animals. These pathogenic infections are one of the main reason for death rate in the world. Newer and simpler tests for the more accurate diagnosis of disease; genetic and proteomic tests that allow for prevention of disease are discovered every day.

These clinical practices and guidelines are followed by the clinical microbiologist, have several potential benefits that include the better patient care at lower cost as there is a need for the clinical laboratory community to embrace the practices of evidence-based interventional laboratory medicine and collaborate in translational research projects to establish the clinical utility, cost benefit, and impact of new technologies.

Although not all microorganisms are bad, the treatment and prevention of the diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi have only been possible because of microbiology it is important to establish the cause of an infection, the differential diagnosis is based on a careful history, physical examination.

The 3rd International Conference and Expo on Medical Microbiology 2018 which is held during October 25-26,2018 at Frankfurt, Germany examines with various fields in microbiology and acts as a platform for the currents research.

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